Your style tells your story.

Your style says there is no one quite like you.

Sympli creates versatile pieces that best express your unique personal style. Like you, we are always experimenting—pushing boundaries, not always playing by the rules. It’s a reflection of being a constantly evolving woman, showing the world who you are. With timeless style. And some edge.

We celebrate all women and their confident self-expression.

Inspired by a refined and playful simplicity, we design beautiful pieces with unexpected details that drape in all the right places. Think a refined, eye-catching hem or a striking silhouette. They’re the clothes you can build a wardrobe around, with the artful twists that are the difference between the clothing you wear, and the favourites you love forever.

Timeless style. Unexpected detail.  

No one else is quite like you.
Nothing else is quite like Sympli.

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Founder Story

The first Sympli piece shipped in 2002.
Our Canadian founder, Jan Stimpson, created a style to inspire women of all ages and body types to be their most confident selves. She started with that ultimate symbol of go-anywhere freedom: the perfect white t-shirt. Building on her success, we’ve grown a devoted following, not just for our unexpected design ethos, but for our quality fabrics, honest fits, and our commitment to comfort.

Comfort equals confidence. In your skin, in your clothes.
It’s being free to explore the life you’ve created, to embrace it with a spirit of your own. You know exactly who you are.


Canadians supporting Canadians

Dress for Success Vancouver is a community that empowers women into good jobs, financial independence and personal success by providing them with the professional attire, career services and skill development programs. We could not think of a more organic and heartfelt partnership that not only aligns in values and vision but, like Sympli, is proudly Canadian. It is with great joy and excitement that we have partnered with Dress for Success Vancouver to further expand in our shared mission to celebrate women and their confident self-expression.
At Sympli we strongly believe that comfort equals confidence. In your skin, in your clothes. Helping women find individuality and confidence to express who they truly are, has been the heartbeat of everything we do since day one. We have a long history of supporting and partnering with organizations that share this vision and that seek to provide women with help to find their voices and feel as stunning as they look.
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There is nothing more important than feeling comfortable in your own skin.

For years Sympli has been a proud supporter of the Looking Glass Foundation, a local non-profit organization that offers a caring community of support and prevention for those suffering from eating disorders.

We share the belief that every woman is perfectly whole and valuable when they are purely themselves. Together we hope to make a difference, working towards a future where every woman can look in the mirror and love themselves for everything that they are.

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